Use Veri-check's advanced referencing system, specialising in tenancy checking for you letting agency.

Our Strategic Partners

By listening to what our clients need from a service, that can help manage and streamline their businesses, we have been able to identify and bring together true expertise in the field.  

Accessing accurate and timely data about individuals is critical, but developing the right platform and environment for intelligent decision-making has been key:  Veri-Check has a deep understanding of how new technologies and thought processes can revolutionise work-flow,  and we are proud to have developed a new product in co-operation with our partners:

Equifax Plc is a leading credit reference agency, which makes its credit information available to customers. It provides accurate and up-to-date information about people applying for credit to organisations such as banks, building societies, mortgage companies, retailers and mobile phone providers. Ensuring that credit-worthy and reliable tenants are identified as such is essential, and Equifax provide fast and accurate results.

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Fusion Advertising & Design Ltd is an independent full-service agency which was founded in 1995, and who have built up a strong reputation in the web-design and e-commerce industry.

Veri-Check has been designed and is fully supported by Fusion, which has extensive experience in the lettings agency arena. Using its vast experience, it has brought together they key areas of e-business and web-enablement to create a product that offers true innovation, whilst paying full attention to usability, speed and cost-effectiveness.

mBlox Inc is the world's largest mobile transaction network specializing in providing operator connectivity and mobile billing capabilities to businesses around the globe. mBlox are the intermediary between Veri-Check and mobile operators managing the delivery of mobile content and mobile services.

GlobalSign is a highly credible and well established Certificate Authority (CA) and SSL Provider. A leader in public trust services GlobalSign has been issuing trusted digital certificates since 1996 – delivering its Public Trust from a highly ubiquitous trusted public root.  These trusted roots are recognized by all operating systems, all major web browsers, web servers, email clients, internet applications and devices that require SSL Certificates.

eFax - is one of the world's largest providers of Internet messaging services, offering fax by email to more than 9 million members. The eFax network is protected by patented firewall, redundancy and security technologies, which ensure a 99.5% uptime, delivery times of 2-5 minutes and unparalleled transmission security.


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