Promote your brand on all correspondence with applicant and references

Promote your brand, not a third party's

Veri-Check is designed to help you promote your own professionalism and customer care, not ours. Use your own artwork and house-style to enable you to streamline all of your communications to clients. Full integration into your own website further enhances this, and is something we can arrange for you.

Sample branded correspondence with applicant and references

Integrate with your own website

Tenants can access the online referencing through your website with no need to link to an external third-party website.

  • Integrate within your own 'My Account'
  • Style to suit your own website & brand


  • Enhance & re-enforce your brand in ALL communications
  • Branded & personalised emails, text messages and faxes
  • Easily incorporate the online application in your own website
  • Backed by the Veri-Check mark and with our contact details for those tenants being managed through Veri-Check Plus
  • Custom document, email, text and fax packages are available