Configure Veri-check's online tenant referencing to you companies requirements

Easily configure to your requirements

If you opt for the In-House Reference option you decide where and how the incoming references are to be processed, and by whom. Flexible work-loads can be managed desk by desk, branch by branch, with easy configuration of workflow ensuring complete flexibility.

If you opt for the Managed Reference level of service you tell us how you want your applicants to be assessed, according to your business objectives and best practice guidelines.


  • Set your criteria branch by branch
  • Allocate acceptable rent ratio for tenants, and for guarantors
  • Agree acceptable income sources
  • Set your policy on guarantor status
  • Allocate decision-makers within your branch or organisation
  • Set the reminder and chasing regime (for emails and SMS text messaging)


Branch configuration exmaple



We work with you to assess who within your team can access data, and make system decisions based on the information we gather on your behalf.  Each user has their own unique permission level so you retain control within the branch, and check audit trails.