Veri-check plus offers a fully managed tenant reference service from only £24 + vat

Managed Referencing Service

Using the latest technology, and an in-depth knowledge of the competitive lettings market Veri-Check has really tried to think of everything to help you achieve the highest levels of speed, accuracy and efficiency.Veri-Check Plus | Prices from £24 + vat

The results are delivered straight to your screen with no need for chasing pieces of paper. All records for each tenancy are stored together (regardless of how many tenants are sharing the property), and the electronic reminders and prompts generated by the system means that the onerous task of chasing is minimised.

For clients wishing to use a managed service, you can now get all the benefits of our unique system, but with us managing and chasing the referencing for you.  Veri-Check Plus works on your behalf, verifying applicants to your exact criteria.


What makes us different from other Credit Reference Agencies
Let your Property Faster

Let your properties faster

Fast and flexible, Veri-Check allows you to run credit checks 24 hours a day, the tenant has responsibility for supplying their data direct to the system, no double handling of data, start and stop function for easy use.
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Online referencing progress 24 hours a day

Online reference progress 24 hours a day

At any time, watch and monitor all work in progress.  Identify bottle-necks, or problem clients, with a click of your mouse.
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Automated reference chasing

Automated Landlord and Employer reference chasing

System-generated prompts and reminders, full documentation sent out via email, upload and store and reduce the need for paper files.
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Promote your brand

Promote your brand, not a third party's

Your logo and branding in all client communications via email, text and fax, seamless incorporation into your own house style. Integrated into your website this allows for a cohesive shop-front to clients, simple and effective with minimal investment.  For those using the Managed Referencing service we will ensure that we communicate with your clients with courtesy and care at all times, and we will act as your ambassador.
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Easy to configure to your needs

Easily configure to your requirements

For those using the Managed Referencing service we act on your behalf, to your specific criteria, using the system, and our expertise, to deliver secure, timely and efficient referencing.

For those using the Self Referencing service, from beginning to end you are in full control with task-driven actions, automated reminders and remote access.
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Great value for money

Great value for money and excellent customer service

Low usage costs, faster responses, no monthly fee, low entry investment.
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