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Property Registration & Licencing Compliance for Landlords

Our partners at GetRentR have integrated their solution with our platform to allow us to offer you active monitoring of the licencing requirements for the properties you own and rent.

Both Veri-Check and GentRentR know that Property Licensing is diverse, complex, and ever-changing, causing a huge compliance burden to private landlords.

Compliance Check

Our integration with the GetRentR platform means that when you start referencing tenants for a property we can also identify which laws and regulations apply to that property so you can take further steps to help you and your clients stay within the law.

24/7 Monitoring

Better still you can subscribe to an alerting plan to actively monitor changes in legislation that might affect your property during its tenancy.

Avoid Fines & Penalties

This market leading service will helping you avoid penalties and fines.

Since 2018 there were over £3m of fines levied in participating London boroughs, the largest single fine against a Landlord for failing to comply with regulations was £xxxx. Whilst this figure is extreme the average fine still sits at £xxxx.

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