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    Refer & Earn: Tenants' Liability Insurance

    Even if Tenant Liability Insurance isn't a requirement of your tenancy agreement it's a great way for your tenants to help protect against big security deposit deductions for accidents in the property.

    Our partners at Urban Jungle are a new type of online-only insurance business, focused on using tech to speed things up and saving tenants money as a result.

    What is Tenants Liability Insurance?

    Tenants liability insurance provides protection for accidental damage to the things that are provided by the landlord. This could include the landlord’s furniture, fixtures and fittings, which under the terms of your tenancy agreement the tenant might be liable for.

    What is covered?

    Urban Jungle Tenants’ Liability Insurance covers the tenants legal liability under a tenancy agreement for accidentally damage caused to the landlord's furniture, fixture and fittings. It covers up to £5,000 (optional upgrade available to £10,000).

    Summary of cover

    • £5,000 accidental damage cover as standard
    • Upgrade your cover level to £10,000 (additional fee applies)
    • Six and twelve-month cover available
    • Includes furniture, fixtures and fittings
    • Covers everyone on the tenancy agreement
    • £100 excess
    • Simple claims process
    • No charge to make policy changes

    For full terms and details of cover, please read the Policy Summary.

    Please note that this product only covers the landlord’s property, and not the tenants own, and only covers the risk of accidental damage. The cover is also invalid if the tenant leaves the property unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.

    How does it work?

    As part of the online application process, your prospective tenants will be given the option to get a quote at the end of their application. If the tenant purchases a product from our partner then we share the referral fee with you

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