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Pay As You Go Landlord Legal Services

Our experienced and professional in-house legal team combined with our specialist Property legal panel are here to help our busy landlords when they need us most.

Our Pay as You Go legal service is designed to ensure least hassle and stress when situations arise in your tenancy, whilst ensuring you save time and money. We have years of experience working with private landlords and understand the challenges you face.  We understand that certainty in difficult situations can’t always be achieved, but certainty over the cost of the legal action to be taken can provide reassurance and control so we offer fixed pricing for the most common legal actions

Speedy Response

Some tenants may refuse to pay rent, some may refuse to vacate at the end of the tenancy, whatever the challenge our team will ensure action is taken promptly, and the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Whilst the tenants’ situation may change causing problems at your property for a number of unforeseeable reasons you can rest assured that with speed and courtesy in dealing with a tenant the problems can be dealt with effectively whilst minimising impact on you as the landlord. Leaving a tenant default for too long, will create further problems and make it increasingly difficult to deal with. Our tried and tested processes ensure quick and effective action, for the speediest result, in a whole host of situations.


You can rest assured that no matter what the situation you will be updated and ‘in the know’ throughout, ensuring a full understanding of the actions being taken on your behalf, and the costs and timescales expected to get your problem resolved.

Professional Standards

Our senior management team are fully qualified property professionals with active membership to ARLA ( Association of Residential Letting Agents) PropertyMark, and our team are ARLA (NFoPP) trained.  All this providing assurance that we are up to date with the latest legislative changes and best practice guidelines at all times

When the going gets tough our internal ILeX qualified legal team and Solicitor panel partners are experts in Residential Property legislation, giving you the knowledge you have the best support when you need it most. 

Let our Legal Team support you in your time of need, for advice and assistance in what to do next.

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What will you need from me?

If you have been collecting the rent and managing the property up until the time of the tenants default we will need copy of the tenancy documents and your records of rent collected, outstanding and communications to resolve any issues, along with a full description of the problem encountered.  The sooner you contact us the earlier we can start to make a difference and take action


Once your situation has been evaluated we can confirm fees appropriate to the situation.  Many will fall into a fixed fee format so you know exactly what you will have to pay and when

Is there a minimum fee ?

Fees are assessed dependent on the problem at hand.  However, fixed rates are available for most common actions e.g. Possession under a Section 21 notice, Accelerated Possession actions, Serving of a Section 8 notice for tenant default (arrears) etc. Please contact us to find out more.

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