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Guarantor Referencing

Guarantors are required to undergo the same background checks as the tenant they are representing so you can be satisfied that in the event the tenant defaults they are able to pay the rent owed on the tenants' behalf.

Our fully managed Guarantor referencing service remotely manages the entire guarantor referencing process. Our experienced team are used to assessing the myriad of guarantor personal circumstance presented.

You may find yourself in the situation whereby the tenant(s) who have had their offer accepted for a property do not meet your referencing criteria. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t move in, but they may need to provide the details of a guarantor in order to support their application for a tenancy.

In order to add a guarantor to the tenancy that you have submitted on the Veri-Check referencing platform, you just need the Name, Contact Number and email address for the guarantor and you will then be able to attach them to the tenant(s) application.

When you add them to the platform, you even have the option to set their rent share so you can either reference them for the tenant(s) share of the rent of the full rental value of the property – the choice is yours.

We’ve also made it really simple to attach them to more than one tenant when you are going through the process of adding them to the system so you only have to add them once.

Where you have opted for the Veri-Check Plus Referencing service, your dedicated referencing assessor will do the rest for you, referencing the guarantor in the same way we would for the tenants so you can rest assured that the referencing is being conducted to the highest standard.

Based on our years of experience in tenant referencing, we would recommend that where possible you obtain a UK homeowner guarantor thus ensuring that both you and your landlord clients have that extra peace of mind.

If you have issues adding guarantors / would like additional training or advice, you can contact our support line on 01905 622 963 or

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