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Residential Property Registration & Licensing

Our new and unique integration with partners  Kamma ensures the best solution for active monitoring of the  licensing requirements for every property you manage.

Both Veri-Check and Kamma know that Property Licensing is diverse, complex, and ever-changing, causing a huge compliance burden to agents.  

The integration between Veri-Check's online referencing software and Kamma's licensing platform results in a hassle free check of every property as you need it ...... right at the beginning.  Ensuring verification of the licensing requirements for the exact combination of occupants for that property BEFORE you commit.

Compliance Check

Our seamless integration with the Kamma platform brings an instant check for each property simply and easily, meaning that when you start referencing tenants for a property we can also identify which licencing regulations apply to that property in those particular circumstances to help you and your clients stay within the law. Instantly available when you enter the tenants details ......... no waiting.

24/7 Monitoring

Our partnership with Kamma ensures you are always up to date with the latest licensing information for your clients properties.  In a rapidly changing environment with over 500 licensing schemes in the UK and new schemes being launched every 8 days on average, it's comforting to know that no matter how fast the rate of change you can get the latest position applicable to your property and its specific occupation at the click of a few buttons.  Keeping you on top of your regulation with ease.

Income Generation 

Use the Licensing Check Report to provide confidence to your landlord clients, and enable revenue generation.  

  • Offer a licence checking service to your landlord clients with full report based on the Occupiers actually due to be in their property
  • Offer a licence application service to your landlord clients ( Letting Agents offer this service at between £300 & £650 +vat ) across the country dependent on service level and property requirements
  • Managing the licence renewal also draws income generation opportunities
  • Hold licences for your clients and improve retention and related income 


Manage Risk, & Prevent Fines & Penalties

We can help you deliver a market leading service to your clients helping you and them to avoid penalties and fines.  Letting out an unlicenced property has significant consequences for you and your landlords, including:

  • Tenants can file for a rent repayment order of up to 12 months rent
  • Peventing the eviction of tenants under a Section 21 notice
  • Civil penalties can be issued to you of up to £30,000

Council enforcement is rising, and being able to support your landlord with this compliance will prevent the risks to their tenancy, and both yours and their pocket  .....

Since 2018 there were over £3m of fines levied in participating London boroughs alone , the largest single fine against an agent for failing to comply with regulations was £167,000. Whilst this figure is extreme the average fine still sits at circa £5000

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