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Landlord Marketing & Branding

Veri-Check is designed to provide your agency with far more than just a tenant reference report. Veri-Check has been designed and built by an experienced team of technical and industry experts to ensure you can fully exploit the opportunities presented to you during this crucial process.

Direct Landlord Marketing

Not only can you promote your Brand through the automated communications that are sent out from the Veri-Check referencing system, we can also offer you GDPR compliant Direct Landlord Marketing.

We will use your data to promote your business to private landlords within a set radius of your office or branch. All we need is a marketing leaflet designed by you in your company style and we can then attach this to every landlord reference request sent to private landlords advising them of your products and services in order to assist you with building your portfolio of clients.

All of this will take place automatically once set up with no need for any additional work from yourselves, Veri-Check handles this for you so you, with your brand being promoted through your referencing provider.

Branded Communications & Reports

With a Veri-Check reference, regardless of whether managed or In-house, you can rest assured that all of the reference requests can be branded to your business, therefore, promoting your products and services and not ours.

This way you can ensure that all the documentation is streamlined with your own in-house style, whilst maintaining the Veri-Check stamp of approval.

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