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Refer & Earn: Tenant Content Insurance

A Tenant Content Insurance policy is a great way for your tenants to cover the replacement of their possessions, in the event of theft, fire or flooding - they can even extend it to include accidental damage.

Our partners at Urban Jungle are a new type of online-only insurance business, focused on using tech to speed things up and saving tenants money as a result.

How much does it typically cost?

According to Mintel, the average price of a typical contents insurance policy in 2016 was around £120, but the price varies a lot depending on the location, what the house is made out of, its home security, and the applicants claim history.

However, our partners at Urban Jungle, have fixed prices for their standard policy. This means that prices start at just £5 a month for someone living alone, regardless of age or location.

How does it work?

If you opt into the referral scheme then during the tenant referencing process we will automatically offer the product to your prospective tenants. If the tenant purchases a product from our partner then we share the referral fee with you.

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