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Guarantor Referencing for Landlords

Guarantors are required to undergo the same background checks as the tenant they are representing so you can be satisfied that in the event the tenant defaults they are able to pay the rent owed on the tenants' behalf.

Our fully managed Guarantor referencing service remotely manages the entire guarantor referencing process. Our experienced team are used to assessing the myriad of guarantor personal circumstance presented. 

Why should I use a Guarantor?

If you are renting to young people, students or someone who is in temporary employment it's not unusual for them to fail the tenant referencing process on their own, however, they can still be a great tenant and rent your property by using a guarantor. The guarantor acts as a type of insurance against non-payment of rent or damage to your property.

Who can act as a Guarantor?

Anyone can act as a guarantor for renting a property, however, they are typically a parent or close relative, that agrees to pay the rent to you in the event the tenant for whatever reason is unable to.


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