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Renters Reform Bill & Other New Changes!

The Queen's Speech 2022 confirmed that the Renters' Reform Bill is still on the agenda - but that's not the only legislation update that agents need to know in June.

From May 2022 announcements were made which mean some busy months ahead for letting agents, with the Renters' Reform Bill white paper expected, changes to fire safety and carbon monoxide and smoke alarms on the horizon, material information clarifications, and new powers for local authorities on how they apply council tax on second homes.

However, agents and landlords will have more time to prepare for the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016. Plus, one announcement offered some relief to worries around paying rent and bills during the cost of living crisis - new financial support will soon be available for tenants.

Whilst there were not many announcements pertaining to property in the Queen’s Speech, new legislation confirmed included that the Leasehold Reform Act 2022 will be coming into force on 30 June. Most significantly, this will stop landlords from requiring ground rent for new long residential leaves. In addition, it will mean new leasehold houses will be banned, ensuring that all new houses built from 30 June must be freehold.

Queen’s Speech was the reconfirming of the Renters’ Reform Bill, first introduced in the Conservative’s 2019 election manifesto. Among the announcements the following was introduced:

The Bill also will abolish Section 21 of Housing Act 1988, which the government claims will provide security for tenants in the private rented sector and empowering them to challenge poor practice and unfair rent increases without fear of retaliatory eviction”

Landlords’ rights of possession will also be enhanced with the introduction of new and stronger grounds for repeated incidences of rent arrears and reduced notice periods for anti-social behaviour, which will ensure that landlords can regain their property more efficiently when needed.