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We are an independent Lettings and Estate Agents with 12 offices covering the whole of London so need a referencing provider that we can trust and rely on, especially during the busy periods.

We had trialled a number of referencing providers over the years however were never really happy with the service that we were receiving and the level of checks that were being carried out on our behalf for prospective tenants. That all changed when we started using the Veri-Check system and we have never looked back!

The Veri-Check referencing system allows us to be flexible whilst still ensuring that our criteria is met and that the best interests of our clients is provided for, ensuring the best tenants move into the properties we are letting. We are 100% confident that if Veri-Check say the tenant has passed referencing that they actually have and we love being able to access all the Referencing documents on their system whenever we want.

We decided to utilise both the in-house and managed options to support us as that’s what worked best for us, and it is great to know that Veri-Check are always there to offer support as and when we need it.

Not only do they help us with our Referencing, they are also available to support us with whatever queries our team, even if it doesn’t relate directly to referencing.

Veri-Check go above and beyond for us and we cannot imagine ever needing another provider for our referencing requirements.