Use veri-check for all your companies tenant credit checks

About Us

Veri-check is an independent, advanced referencing system, specialising in tenant credit checks for letting agencies.

We recognise the importance of accurate and efficient referencing systems, and have brought a fresh approach to the process, using real-time, web-based systems that give instantaneous credit reports, 24 hours a day.

Our unique offering is the speed at which our service works, the control and efficiency we enable you to retain within your processes, and the way we allow you to work with tenants to get the fastest possible turn-around times – ensuring it’s your agency that gets the deal.

Our technology is real-time and instant – with no need for paper files and endless chasing – the system is built to do it for you. And with its comprehensive management function you can see exactly what is going on within your organisation, desk by desk, branch by branch.

A new service for 2010 has been introduced: 

Veri-Check Plus, a new managed tenant referencing service, using all the functionality and high visibility of Veri-Check, but with us taking care of chasing, verifying and uploading your income and landlord references.  It offers the best of both worlds, where one size does not fit all. 

It offers the flexibility and control that agents are now demanding, but with a fully professional and specialist team (not a call centre) taking responsibility for referencing-chasing, and verification. veri-check plus